Magnet Wire.

Copper or aluminum wire that makes up the transformer coil. The choice of magnet wire and lead wire depends on a number of factors, including the necessary dielectric strength and temperature resistance, the transformer’s environment, and the size needed to carry the amount of electrical current required by the application. Ouwei electric sells a full line of magnet wire in all insulations, shapes, and sizes.

Foil Conductors.

Copper and aluminum foils are used as conductors in transformer coils, as well as emi/rfi and electrostatic shields. Ouwei electric manufactures custom shields using a variety of insulating tapes, films, and papers to customer specifications. Ouwei electric sells custom slit foil conductors from several industry-recognized sources.

Core Insulation.

The primary insulating material between transformer coils and the magnetic steel, core insulation is made of relatively thick insulating films, papers, or laminates. Ouwei electric slits these materials to specified dimensions and can also provide product in sheet form.

Electrical Sleeving And Tubing.

Provides insulation for electrical connections and additional protection to critical areas where conductors can experience mechanical or electrical stress. Ouwei offers a full line of electrical sleeving and tubing from industry leading manufacturers in bulk packaging and cut-to-length pieces.

Layer Insulation.

This insulation is placed between individual conductor windings in transformers. Ouwei electric provides slit rolls in specific lengths and sheets from many different flexible insulating films, papers, and laminates.

Duct Spacers.

These components are solid rods or bars used as spacers between transformer windings in order to allow cooling air or liquid to flow through the transformer. Duct spacers are made of rigid electrical insulating materials, such as thermoset polyesterglass composites. Ouwei electric sells duct spacers in several shapes and sizes supplied in bulk lengths or cut to specified lengths.

Woven Cloth Tapes.

ouwei supplies many types of coated and non-coated woven cloth tapes used in a variety of holding, insulating, and over wrapping applications in transformer coils. Non-coated woven tapes readily absorb varnish, which helps create a rigid coil structure. Coated cloth tapes are used as both primary and secondary insulation, and are available in a wide variety of constructions.